Monday, January 21, 2008

I love Team Fortress 2

And even then, that's probably an understatement. I'm not really sure what exactly about the game really makes it for me... whether it's the awesome cartoony character design, or the gameplay itself, or the hilarious voice overs. Or maybe it's all of those things.

I love how each class in the game has its own sets of pros and cons, and specific ways to play them.

I definitely clock a large bulk of hours as the Demoman (leftmost image). As my brother pointed out, I tend to play very defensively, even when in offensive mode, so it makes sense that I play the hell out of one of the most defensive characters. That and the whole self-proclaimed "black scottish cyclops" thing really cracks me up.
The Medic (middle image) is pretty tricky to play. You'd think just running around healing people would be cake, but it actually makes you a priority one target to the other team... and especially to damn Spies (rightmost image).

But I can't hate on spies, since they are so damn cool, especially when you can actually manage to get in a couple successful backstabs on the enemy. It's a pretty crazy rush!

If you're reading this and you haven't experienced Team Fortress 2, do yourself a favor and DO IT NAO.

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THE SIR said...

is that that 1st person shooter i saw you playing some at falling lizard?