Monday, August 13, 2007

R I P, Mike Wieringo

It's really quite lame how the death of one of my favorite artists is what would make me remember about this blog that I'd accidentally abandoned for quite a while, but I felt it was definitely important to mention it.

From the moment I had seen Wieringo's art for the very first time, I'd loved it. There was something about the feel of the poses he used and how bright and expressive the eyes were that all his characters possessed. When he had recently teamed up with Peter David to work on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, it was really what got me back into reading the Spidey comics again. I feel ashamed that I had assumed I'd always have a chance in the future to meet him and shake his hand and tell him how much I liked his work. ... I probably should have tried harder to find him this past Comic-Con. But the past is past, and there's no use thinking of could-have's or should-have's.

Rest in peace, Mr. Wieringo. You were an amazing guy.
PVP's Scott Kurtz talking about Wieringo

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